Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Creative Toy Rabbits for 2011

As the Zodiac Year of the Rabbit will come before long, Beijing Qian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The company aimed to promote their creative gifts for emotion expression launched three creative toy rabbits – Odor rabbit, Red rabbit and Pastoral rabbit.

1st. Odor Rabbit

In the forest, there is living a pair of odor rabbits, Odor rabbit is a couple of rabbits lived in seclusion in the forest all year round, they worn personalized and fashion pinstripe couple shirts, their slender arms to make them more convenient to embrace each other, how?

Can not recognize who they are? Aha the long ears and three layered mouth revealed their identity --- they really are a pair of rabbits.

2nd. Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit has a pair of fortune cookies shaped eyes that seem to speak, they can be preformed into male and female separately, the Mr. rabbit is named as gentleman red rabbit who wearing a tie, while the Mrs rabbit is for the elegant red rabbit and wearing a bowknot.

Gentleman red rabbit, made of high quality leather material, with white plastic buttons that make him looked more livingly. While the elegant red rabbit is wearing a suit of black and white plaid dress, matching with a cute patchwork bowknot, noble and graceful, her slender arms and legs are movable at will.

Red Rabbit can act as a pillow partner to listen to your thinking, or you can place it into your wardrobe and used it as an absorbent of smell and moisture, you may also place it in your living-room and used it as a curtain button to decorate your home.

3. Pastoral Rabbit

This is a small inoffensive blind bunny, it is simple and kindness, thankful and never worry about other things in the world. See it, I believe you will feel relaxed and easeful wholly, it is time to stop and have a rest!

Pastoral rabbit wear a calico dress and looked so simple, elegant and fashionable.

This pastoral rabbit toy contained flaxseed which is helpful for efficacies of refreshing, reducing blood pressure as well as anticancer.

These three creative toy rabbits were created with bold and unique product ideas, they can be used home furnishings, and can become your good partner in the bedroom. I wish you like these cute toy rabbit!

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New DIY Desktop Plant – Cute White Small Kid

Are you often feel very tired? Often feel overwhelmed? Try this DIY Desktop Planting!

Do haircut and watering to the ‘small white kid’, maybe your working time will become more easier!


Gift Size: 10.5cm×6cm×7cm
Packing Measurement: 7.5cm×5.5cm×11.5cm
Material: Porcelain, Soil, Grass Seeds
Weight: 142g

The new image of the white small kid is bigger with a more round head, who is a little fat and very cute!

Planting Instructions:

Gramineae, quality grass seeds

Main characteristics: Good at cold resistance.
Germination temperature :10-25C
Germination days :8-10 days

Planting Steps:

1. Take the small white kid out from the package box.
2. Soak it into water directly for 1 hour, then take it out on the table.
3. About one week later the grass will began to grow, soak it in water for 5 minutes every 3 days.
4. Two to three weeks later the grass grow completely, at that time you may trim them according to your preferences.

The latest small white kid plants, was designed for desktop planting specially. In addition to its unique shape of the ceramic pot as a small kid, the cultivation of soil, medium (added anti-corrosion compounds), selected seeds…all essentials have been prepared already, thus, having this novelty gift, you can plant a perfect potted plant belong to yourself wholly easily and happily!

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mirage Color-Changing Cup for Love Professing -- For Hard-Working You

Mirage Color-Changing Cup for Love Professing --- For Hard-Working You

Before adding water, there’s nothing in the cup, when adding water you can see the special image and words at the bottom of cup, which is full of mystery and warm love, romantic.

Weight: 309g

Cup size: 9.2cm*11cm*5.3cm

Material: Quality porcelain

Price sale online: RMB 19.00 (Fast sale!)

The " Mirage Cup for Love Professing" is a novelty gift specially for love confession between couples, tell he or she what you want to say most in the bottom of your heart, as the confession of love, what is more amazing than this? All this is full of mystery and expectation, what is it in the end? Let you two witness it together!

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Monday, September 6, 2010

Enjoy a Tasteful Life - Lucky Bird in Woods Silent Clock

Lucky Bird in Woods Silent Clock

Sound of spring just like hurried time, and fresh life; Sound of spring is singing of birds, pulse of leaves; Accompanied with the sound of spring, the scene outside window changes everyday. When time past the joy of spring played out.


Brand: HORA

Weight: 945g

Gift Size: 30cm*30cm

Packing Measurement: 36cm*35cm*8.5cm

Material: Quality acrylic

Thickness of Acrylic board: 5mm

Craftwork Features:

- Plastic casting process, molding in one time, which is uncomparable with clocks made of iron and wood.

- Taiwan original clock movement, time goes on accurate.

- There is a hook attached to the back of clock, with a concrete nail you can hang the clock on the wall firmly.

Design Highlights:

With simple design, showing strong style

Use simple lines and simple elements, plus with some reset and rearrangement, HORA created a new gift product with strong design style. Although this design work seemed simple, but it is a final design show of the designer accumulated for over years, and therefore it is also a representative work of HORA design.

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking Seasoning Bottles - SUCK UK Robot Cruets

Walking Seasoning Bottles - SUCK UK Robot Cruets

Gift Name: Robot Salt Bottle & Robot Pepper Bottle

Brand: SUCK UK


Material: Food grade plastic

Size: 65*95*35mm

Packing Measurement: 192*162*40mm

Weight: 152g


You know, in the world of salt and pepper, the robot will not always be divided into the Botswana and the Decepticons groups, they may be split into S group and P group. The novelty gadget is comes from Suck UK who always be funny, who would have thought that such a classic "black and white double" robot could be castors?

Unscrew the cap shaped as a teapot, the thing poured out will never be engine oil but snow-white salt and brown colored and fragrant peppers. Furthermore, the figure of the cruet robot is more than a robot to exist in name only, they are movable! It can be drived with a spring, when required, spin the spring for several times and untie it, they will move forward to the goal swayingly with scattered steps – What? Please pass the salt-pepper jar to me! Come on, our cruet is able to walk itself!

During the meal time it is inevitable that need someone to pass on you the cruet. Now this action may be unnecessary anymore, you only to tighten the spring, make the robot faced to your mother, father or your sister and brother, the two small robots will walk forward towards them wobblingly. It is a gadget so interesting and so funny, and the next time you will get a wonderful idea on presenting what to your mother, isn’t it?

Brand Brief:

SUCK UK, created by designer Jude Biddulph and Sarm Hurt together, which was mainly involved in the design of lighting and home furnishings and living goods, this is a young design power can not be neglected comes from London, who had won the Best Gift Award in UK for more than two consecutive years.

Their works are good at breaking through general using of conventional materials, and endowing with brand new design concepts and practical value, have strong post-industrial aesthetic characters. They work and style just like the ironic brand name "SUCK UK", full of creativeness and interesting.

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Thursday, July 8, 2010

PHILIPPI Distinguished Magnetic Black Leather Cigarette Case

PHILIPPI Distinguished Magnetic Black Leather Cigarette Case


Origin: German

Material: Black leather, top grade stainless steel plated with nickel

Gift size: 8.99cm long * 6.50cm wide * 2.49cm high

Black leather case, inlaid with German high-grade steel, touch design, magnetic close and open, can storing 14 cigarettes, compact and easy to carry, highlighted your unique status.

Brand Brief:

Philippi (Germany): Founded in 1992 in Hamburg, Germany, for its pure original German quality, cohered creative minds and unique thoughts of 6 top European designers, combined with the meticulous precise style of German treat quality, product combined art and practical, simple, delicate, beautiful and practical style of modern patterns, thus endowed its products with highly personalized vitality.

Metal, glass is major creative elements of Philippi, it applied with cool materials, injected into power and beauty, and the same time blended with the meticulous insistence of German treat quality, therefore PHILIPP always lead the global high quality fashion and life trend.

As a decoration brand, PHILLIPPI was born for the unique. More than this, it is also perfect for gift presenting, when you choose PHILLIPI, itself has explained the taste level of you and your friends

The creative language of PHILIPPI: Simple, infinite and the essential. No matter for household furnishings or personal hobbies, it is so distinguished and unique.

Philippi is not only a manifestation of personal taste, but also the pride of your private collection!

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doulex Human Shaped Automatic Light Control Night Light

Doulex Little Human Shaped Automatic Light Control Sensitive Night Light

Material: lamp holder - PPT, ABS; lamp head – ivory white glass

Size: 8cm * 5cm * 12cm

Weight: 100g

The human-shaped night light can produce a weak lighting during night time, when the room turn to dark the small night light will emit soft light automatically, while the environmental light become brighter, the small light will shut down automatically too. This cute night light can produce people more convenience and the same time will not produce affecting normal rest. So, how do you think of this awesome idea? Does it make your heart surging greatly?!

Actions provide a convenient, without affecting the normal rest. How, is an awesome idea, is not letting your heart surging greatly?


1. Barrier free lighting;

2. Intelligent control (no switch):

- When the light dims, the night light will light up automatically;
- When the light brighter, the night light will turn off automatically.

3. Long useful life: can work more than 50,000 hours.

4. Broader applications: used widely in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, hotels, bars and offices.

(This night light is now awailable on for price $3/piece approx.)

** Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Most IN Post-it Note Pad – Apollo

The Most IN Post-it Note Pad – Apollo

Are you still continued using monotonous yellow post-it note? You already out!

Come and try the most IN post-it this year! Apollo post-it!

It is no longer being simple post-it notes, it will eventually become a touch of unique scenery on your desk, and to meet your special visual demand.

Unique design, very easy for freely using.

Made of 80 grams of fine quality writing paper, so that it will make your writing become more natural and smooth!

Series Theme : Apollo

Weight: 365g

Gift Size: 13.2cm * 4.5cm * 7cm

Package size: 13.2cm * 4.5cm * 7cm

Material: 80 grams fine quality writing paper

Reference price sale online: USD$4.00 (shipment fees not included)

** Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fisher Crazy Tickle ELMO (Sesame Street 10th Anniversary Edition)

Fisher Crazy Tickle ELMO (Sesame Street 10th Anniversary Edition)

The Coolest Gift – Crazy Tickle Elmo H9207 (Sesame Street 10th Anniversary Edition), All kids in North America are crazy on it! When it was kick out on the market and sold out in 15 minutes in US & Canada, which was reported hot on CNN and TV news…

Gift Brand: Fisher
Series No.: H9207
Material: cloth plush
Origin: Guangdong, China
Batteries: 3# x 6pcs

Crazy tickle Elmo has three tickle sensitive areas in the body: chin, stomach and insteps, when you start itching, ELMO will be crazy laughing and sit down and began to beat his knees. Will then stand up and get away backwards, but also again ask you to scratch his itch. He would crawl on the ground tummy and fast moving, and then he would stand up and walk backwards, he will require you to tickle him again, he will grovel on the ground and creep forward rapidly, then he will stand up and repeat the above mentioned motions continuously, and he also will show some special actions make you belly laugh, at the same time shouting out “Spare Me"!

Suitable for kids age: 1+ years

Package Measurement: 38*14*28cm

Price on sale: RMB 399 Yuan

** Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best Novelty Business Gift - Mini Golf Optical 3D Mouse Set

Best Novelty Business Gift - Mini Golf Optical 3D Mouse Set

Gift: Mini Golf Optical 3D Mouse Set

Function: Gold themed 3D mouse

Material: Plastic, eletronic

Color: as shown as the above picture

Package: Blister color box

Measurement: 230*320*25mm

Accessories: Include mini golf course mouse mat, three mini golf balls, one mini golf club, one golf flagpole.

This is a golf themed 3D mouse, a golf-like main body together with a golf green mouse pad and mini golf clubs and ball. Through original creative ideas of the designer, a high-end leisure and sports filed thus opend up via a set of mouse.

The full set of mouse includes: Golf mouse pad, mini golf flagpole, golf club, three golf balls, one USB golf optic mouse.

So enjoy the fun of hitting a golf ball in the hole in your spare time!

* Original address of this novelty gift post: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

Monday, March 1, 2010

James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Jake Sully Action Figure (i-Tag included)

James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Jake Sully Action Figure

10.8cm high action figure

Package size: 17.8*5.8*21.6cm

Contains 1pc i-Tag

Figure type: Movie figure

Price sale online (for reference): RMB 200 Yuan

Product Features:

- Na'vi character from James Cameron's new film Avatar
- Accented with glow-in-the-dark bioluminescene
- 4.25" Action Figure
- Comes with a unique weapon or accessory
- Includes exclusive character specific Webcam i-TAG to bring the battle scenes to 3-D

If you like the movie Avatar, like Na'vi, like Jake Sully, this action figure is a best movie souvenir which worth your collecting, as well as a best gift for your friends...

* Original novelty gift: James Cameron's Avatar Na'vi Jake Sully Action Figure

Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 11 Reasons for Not Buy an Apple iPad

With regard to rumors of Apple's iPad (Tablet PC) have been go round for months, now this tablet PC has finally released. Many Apple fans maybe have wiped hands shake it off to buy an Apple iPad. But, wait a minute, please do a decision after reading this article...

Reason 1: Big, Ugly Bezel
Have you seen the bezel on this thing?! It's huge! I know you don't want to accidentally input a command when your thumb is holding it, but come on.

Reason 2: No Multitasking
This is a backbreaker. If this is supposed to be a replacement for netbooks,how can it possibly not have multitasking? Are you saying I can'tlisten to Pandora while writing a document? I can't have my Twitter appopen at the same time as my browser? I can't have AIM open at the sametime as my email? Are you kidding me? This alone guarantees that I willnot buy this product.

Reason 3: No Cameras
No front facing camera is one thing. But no back facing camera either? Why the hell not? I can't imagine what the downside was for including at least one camera. Could this thing not handle video iChat?

Reason 4: Touch Keyboard
So much for Apple revolutionizing tablet inputs; this is the same big, ugly touchscreen keyboard we'veseen on other tablets, and unless you're lying on the couch with yourknees propping it up, it'll be awkward to use.

Reason 5: No HDMI Out
Want to watch those nice HD videos you downloaded from iTunes on your TV?Too damned bad! If you were truly loyal, you'd just buy an Apple TValready.

Reason 6: The Name iPad iPad
Get ready for Maxi pad jokes, and lots of 'em! and maybe you are not aware of that there's a daily-use item also be called pad, please see the below picture:

Reason 7: No Flash
No Flash is annoying but not a dealbreaker on the iPhone and iPod Touch.On something that's supposed to be closer to a netbook or laptop? Itwill leave huge, gaping holes in websites. I hope you don't care aboutstreaming video! God knows not many casual internet users do. Oh wait,nevermind, they all do.

Reason 8: Adapters, Adapters, Adapters
Somuch for those smooth lines. If you want to plug anything into this,such as a digital camera, you need all sorts of ugly adapters. You needan adapter for USB for god's sake.

Reason 9: It's Not Widescreen
Widescreen movies look lousy on this thing thanks to its 4:3 screen, according to Blam, who checkedout some of Star Trek on one. It's like owning a 4:3 TV all over again!

Reason 10: Doesn't Support T-Mobile 3G
Sure, it's "unlocked." But it won't work on T-Mobile, and it uses microSIMs that literally no one else uses.

Reason 11: A Closed App Ecosystem
The iPad only runs apps from the App Store. The same App Store that is notorious for banning apps for no real reason, such as Google Voice. Sure,netbooks might not have touchscreens, but you can install whateversoftware you'd like on them. Want to run a different browser on youriPad? Too bad!

* Original novelty gift: Top 11 Reasons for Not Buy an Apple iPad

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Newest Creative Gift Toy - Mr. Clock Radio


2010 Newest Creative Gift Toy – Mr. Clock Radio

Mr. Clock Radio, is a cute robot head full of fun, who has a comic lips which can move up and down together, a pair of blinking big eyes, as well as his ecstasy-rich magnetic voice.

The most amazing thing is this robot head is endowed with innate talent of performance, and is able to play 50 different interesting expressions, all of these 50 expressions are designed for only one aim, that is to wake you up: from a tender young girl next door, to a hysterical police man, the service provider will changes everyday, and you need a full 50 days to have a complete turn…

Aside from the function as an alarm clock, Mr. Clock Radio also offers MP3 input and AM / FM radio. And friends enjoyed with creative origins are also to paint the head of the robot!

Is this cute robot alarm clock a funny and cool Valentine's day gift for your boy friend?


1.Plug in your MP3 system and let me play your music

2. I can wake you up 50 different ways

3. I'm fortune teller, ask me a question and I’ll answer it.

4.If you snooze too many times, I will warn you.


1. Working Eyes

2. Multi-directional motorized head

3. Motion detector

4. MP3 player jack

5. Powered by AC/DC

6. Power supply (adapter included)

Package Size: 21cm*22cm*23cm

* Original novelty gift: Mr. Clock Radio

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Most Cool New Year Gift for 2010 – I-mu Headphonies

Novelty Gifts- I-mu Headphonies

Who says the speaker on a computer table must be square-shaped, put on a musical ogre, in addition to listening to music but also enjoy a fun tour!

People like music and novelties, now can considered these portable headphonies mini speakers just like dolls, a unique exterior design is the most attractions, whose unique exterior design are its most outstanding high point. These cute headphonies are designed by different artists, so they have different styles, but belong to the same series, as well as powerful volume!

In fact, headphonies can be considered fairly to be a novelty product, it is not only could be a portable speaker, but also can acted as a new version of platform toys, it is a product of the originality of carrying art, the same time practical, so it is a product people looking forward much!

So if these cute speakers fall in your eyes and you want to take one home, maybe you should take action at once, because the quantity for these cute fairies are limited for sale, each pattern is limited to sale for only 500-1000, and are available while stocks/supplies last.

There are 8 patterns headphnes in total:

★Modern Hero
★Pink Bear
★Soft Touch
★Skull)- New !
★Stargir – New!
★Inked - New!
★HP-Man – New!
★Diver – New!

Gift Information:

1. Attached with two types of audio cable: USB and 3.5mm cable, and can almost suit for more than 90% of 3C equipments.
2. Material: ABS plastic
3. Audio cable: 3.5 mm jack
4. Size: 7.5 x 5.8 x 4cm

Suitable for:

- Carriers of iPod or other portable media players (play your music with headphonies, est your ears)
- Desktop toys collectors
. Personal dolls favorites (not a speaker but a doll)

Suitable Environment:

- You can put it on your desk, bed, playgrounds, as well as in flowers & plants..
. And his / her hot drinks when you shop romance (with music monster release point of his / her favorite music bar!)
. A gift for you cool boyfriend (both inside and outside)


- It is not suitable for kids under 3 years old!
- Do not place it too close to ears, otherwise will hurt your hearing!

* Original  novelty gift: I-mu Headphonies