Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Newest Creative Gift Toy - Mr. Clock Radio


2010 Newest Creative Gift Toy – Mr. Clock Radio

Mr. Clock Radio, is a cute robot head full of fun, who has a comic lips which can move up and down together, a pair of blinking big eyes, as well as his ecstasy-rich magnetic voice.

The most amazing thing is this robot head is endowed with innate talent of performance, and is able to play 50 different interesting expressions, all of these 50 expressions are designed for only one aim, that is to wake you up: from a tender young girl next door, to a hysterical police man, the service provider will changes everyday, and you need a full 50 days to have a complete turn…

Aside from the function as an alarm clock, Mr. Clock Radio also offers MP3 input and AM / FM radio. And friends enjoyed with creative origins are also to paint the head of the robot!

Is this cute robot alarm clock a funny and cool Valentine's day gift for your boy friend?


1.Plug in your MP3 system and let me play your music

2. I can wake you up 50 different ways

3. I'm fortune teller, ask me a question and I’ll answer it.

4.If you snooze too many times, I will warn you.


1. Working Eyes

2. Multi-directional motorized head

3. Motion detector

4. MP3 player jack

5. Powered by AC/DC

6. Power supply (adapter included)

Package Size: 21cm*22cm*23cm

* Original novelty gift: Mr. Clock Radio

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