Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Creative Toy Rabbits for 2011

As the Zodiac Year of the Rabbit will come before long, Beijing Qian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The company aimed to promote their creative gifts for emotion expression launched three creative toy rabbits – Odor rabbit, Red rabbit and Pastoral rabbit.

1st. Odor Rabbit

In the forest, there is living a pair of odor rabbits, Odor rabbit is a couple of rabbits lived in seclusion in the forest all year round, they worn personalized and fashion pinstripe couple shirts, their slender arms to make them more convenient to embrace each other, how?

Can not recognize who they are? Aha the long ears and three layered mouth revealed their identity --- they really are a pair of rabbits.

2nd. Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit has a pair of fortune cookies shaped eyes that seem to speak, they can be preformed into male and female separately, the Mr. rabbit is named as gentleman red rabbit who wearing a tie, while the Mrs rabbit is for the elegant red rabbit and wearing a bowknot.

Gentleman red rabbit, made of high quality leather material, with white plastic buttons that make him looked more livingly. While the elegant red rabbit is wearing a suit of black and white plaid dress, matching with a cute patchwork bowknot, noble and graceful, her slender arms and legs are movable at will.

Red Rabbit can act as a pillow partner to listen to your thinking, or you can place it into your wardrobe and used it as an absorbent of smell and moisture, you may also place it in your living-room and used it as a curtain button to decorate your home.

3. Pastoral Rabbit

This is a small inoffensive blind bunny, it is simple and kindness, thankful and never worry about other things in the world. See it, I believe you will feel relaxed and easeful wholly, it is time to stop and have a rest!

Pastoral rabbit wear a calico dress and looked so simple, elegant and fashionable.

This pastoral rabbit toy contained flaxseed which is helpful for efficacies of refreshing, reducing blood pressure as well as anticancer.

These three creative toy rabbits were created with bold and unique product ideas, they can be used home furnishings, and can become your good partner in the bedroom. I wish you like these cute toy rabbit!

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

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