Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Gift for Newborn Baby - BabySafe BabyWear

Brief: Rise in body temperature is an important indicator of the sick, and monitoring the baby's body temperature sometimes  has much trouble, they are too delicate, but now a British company has developed the kind of clothes which can through the color changes to show the child's body temperature status.

The idea is very simple. As soon as the baby's temperature rises above a threshold the suit starts to change color, a bit like a traffic light system.

It was developed by a company which specializes in protective clothing. Sales director Bhanu Patel of BabySafeBabyWear says the temperature sensor is not in the fabric, but actually inside the ink in the garment.

"The temperature that we calibrate that ink is around normal body temperature, which is 36.5, or 37 degrees centigrade. Soon as the wearer of the garment the body temperature rises above that temperature, then the color of the garment of the baby safe sleep suit will start changing color to white."

BabySafeBabyWear says the suit is not a replacement for medical attention. Patel insists there is no room for mistakes.

"Each time we do a print run of this fabric, before we can actually make (them) into garments, we have to send it away for independent testing to ensure it's changing at the temperature we say it's changing."

Temperatures are not just a problem indoors. Doctors are urging parents not to risk burning their child's fragile young skin in sunlight.

Patel says next year the company will launch baby clothes which act like a sun gauge for babies.

"There will be flowers on the garment, or a pattern and each one will more or less illuminate each time the ultraviolet sun gets too strong and for example we start from one to five. When it gets to five, it's too dangerous. You have to cool the baby, or take it away from sunlight."

That's how technology can make a parent's job easier.

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