Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nintendo Wii U - Change Your Game Way

Wii U, the next generation of Nintendo consoles will change your game way

At the the United States E3 past several days ago, Nintendo released its next-generation console, named Wii U. The core content of Wii U is the controller be added with a 6.2-inch touch screen, players can use the controller play interactions with the video game.

At the same time, through a wireless connection, the player can shift the TV game play half-way to the console handle, then adults will no longer have to snatch TV with their children.

Nintendo found lightning in a bottle with the Wii, and with the Wii U--the company’s upcoming console--it might have found the bottling plant. The Wii U builds on the barriers broken by the Wii and takes advantage of a touch-screen-equipped controller that offers you a new way to interact withgames paired with a console capable of HD visuals.

As with the Wii, the controller is the heart of the Wii U. On the face of the controller you'll find a 6.2-inch touch screen (Nintendo declined to say whether it was multitouch capable). A stylus slides out of the controller for use on the touch screen (which makes us think it's based on resistive touch technology).

The matte screen has great viewing angles and offers vividcolors and brightness, making it ideal for use by two people at the same time at very off angles. The pixeldensityseems to be high enough to put it on par withmodern smartphones.

The controller is capable of playing games even if the TV is being used at the moment for something else, like watching shows. It's portable in a sense, but only within wireless reach of the main console, because all of the controller's visuals are generated by the console and then streamed to the controller.

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