Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Creative Design Gift from Denmark - Plicated Trash Can

Brand: ESSEY

Color: White, Black, Red

Size: 25*23cm

Material: PE

Packing: OPP + Color Cardboard Box

Origin: Made in Denmark.

It is a paper basket at first sight, it is not form follows function, but form expresses function. This is a design work with philosophical concept, it’s a new idea rare in the design community, no wonder it won a number of design awards, and popular in Europe and Japan.

The brand “Essey” is special for is its emphasis on the "nature" concept exploring, it extracted the most original product experience of people, and take the essence, through design, as well as overcome difficulties in production, thus create out the shape of surprise. For example, the “Magic Towel Table” created by ESSEY is a work very successful.

As regard to the paper basket, the designer believe that a good trash bin, it should attract people to throw things into it. Pieces of spitballs, they are aborted manuscripts of writers, just like those sketches discarded by artist, compositions that the cartoonist did not satisfied, entrepreneur’s business plan files does not work. Because of these failures, that breed success. Paper basket has deeper emotions with human. It is worthy of attention by the designer.

As talk on the match, we have seen too many beautiful space, but did not find the trash bin.

As talk on the production, it is not easy to manufacture.

As talk on the functions, it is very light but very strong, even you not to take it as a trash cam, you can use it as a flower pot, storage basket which is very good for storing magazines and newspapers.

Emotionally, it is borned with intuitions that people can call link with.

From an artistic point of view, it is rather than a trash can, but like a living sculpture more.

Last, I wish you like this trash can/paper basket !

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS

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