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Novelty Baby Gift --- Starry Baby Easy Sleep Tortoise

Novelty Baby Gift --- Starry Baby Easy Sleep Tortoise

Gift Name:
Starry Baby Easy Sleep Tortoise --- Small Tortoise Star Field Projector Lamp

With placid temperament, the small tortoise distributes magic scenery, the stars, the moon, closer it carefully and find the special constellation that belongs to you. . . .

No matter your baby in what age will be attracted by the starry house! It’s no longer a problem to make your baby to sleep, when the magic easy sleep turtle sleep turned on, numerous little stars in the sky will make your baby quite down immediately and fall asleep slowly!

Starry baby easy sleep turtle, is a type of plush night constellation toys, it can allow the bedroom switched to a sky field full of little stars, which will make both parents and children turn quite and feel more comfortable, the light released from of the small tortoise shell shoots on walls and ceilings and formed a night sky full of stars, isn’t this idea unique so? It is a great tool for young couples who become parents recently to resolve the problem that their naughty baby who never fall asleep smoothly…

The small tortoise is such a popular baby gift toy that many Hollywood star mommies had chosen the baby easy sleep turtle for their babies …

The blue light released from the toy will create a wonderful and quiet atmosphere for your bedroom, it is an ideal sleep helper for children in any ages and allow them fall asleep more easily! !

The starry baby easy sleep turtle is not only to good partner to promote sleep, but also an interactive and educational toy, with 8 analog constellations, parents and children can sit together, and introduced these fancy constellations to the kids (in the toy guide there also has detailed introductions of the constellations).

In daytime it is only an ordinary plush toy tortoise --- it is the best docile toy for babies!!


The novelty gift toy can not shift the light color automatically, there is a button to control the light emitting switch as well as the color of light…and the light will shut down after has been working away for 45 minutes.

The novelty gift toy is easy to use, it can set to work simply by a button switch, and the star light can be rejected on the ceiling or walls, and even on any types of screens, and you could choose the blue, green or amber color of the emitting light through the four buttons on the tortoise back.

The gift toy worked with three AAA batteries and it is absolutely safe for children’s using…

In order to save the power of batteries, the light will turnoff automatically after successive working of 45 minutes.

More Details about the Novelty Baby Gift:

Size: 32*20*11cm

Material: Plush + Plastic

Power: Three AAA batteries

Packing: Fine color box

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