Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I-MU Audio Device -- I-Jerry Rat Fairy (Ordinary Version): Let’s Your Desk Singing

I-MU Audio Device --- I-Jerry Rat Fairy (Ordinary Version)

Gift Brand: I-Mu

Quality guarantee time: One year’s

Includes: I-jerry main body, power cable, USB data cable, audio cable

Gift Description:

Cute jerry, smart jerry, wise jerry, brave jerry, I-MU jerry, our jerry, bring us back to that good times. His two large ears can adjust the volume, and there is a fashion gray button on the face to control the play function, it is so lovely as well as powerful.

"Let's table capable of singing"! I-mu is a fantastic audio device, whose sound theory is completely different with traditional audio device which use an electromagnetic coil loudspeaker to delivery sounds. It can make any things such as: wooden desktop, glass, flooring, metal surface and other flat surface to run over dulcet music, so you can listen to different interpretations of the music quality from a variety of materials, and enjoy the pleasure produced by those independent music as much as you like. This brand new sound principle will bring you a new type of music way of life, and giving rise to a revolution in the audio-visual field.

About I-MU Series Audio:

Thanks for the excellent features of "super magnetic crystal", I-MU series product has subverted people's traditional concept of sound. This small gadget can make any flat surface of hard materials sounds for resonance without aid of speakers, that is say it can make the object contacted with turn into a natural sound box and "singing" itself, so people called it "a nature stereo."

One of features of I-MU even more fascinating is that different types of music will created while you put this novelty gift on different materials: Sounds produced on wall face are strong and grave; clear and dulcet on glass surfaces; rigid and penetrating on metal surfaces…Due to sound produced by I-MU are transferred by solid, thus oppositions come from air are little, so you can listen its sound clearly far from I-MU, It is just thanks for this characteristic, i-mu can "transfer sounds through walls" and let the sound penetrate walls, glass, marble and other thick objects.

Sound produced by I-MU can changes not only with different materials, whose outlines can also ever-changing just like King Kong, it does not limited within "square" or "round" and so on, it can shaped in any forms by designers with ridiculous thoughts, for example, it can be designed into a table lamp, a decoration painting, an underwater loudspeaker, a house appliance and various of office supplies, it can also be made into a mini speaker that set into earphones, MP3, mobile phones and laptops, which be used to replace traditional electromagnetic coil speakers to improve the quality of sounds --- in this way, you can enjoyed the music more freely and enjoyed a more comfortable life.

I-MU is superior at waterproof too, no matter you put it in the bathroom, or throw it into swimming pools, rivers, lakes or sea and operated it in deep waters, I-MU can survived wholly and intact. In addition, due to inert elements contained in the "super crystal", I-MU has strong capacity of corrosion resistance, and common acid, alkali and oil can hardly do damages on him, and it can be kept in a perfect condition through a long time…

I-MU is portable and so unique at the mode of listening, together with its avant-garde, fashion, magic and changeable outlines, I-MU will undoubtedly cause a revolution from the listing modes to product outlines in current industry of audio-visual products, it is a perfect match for people who are trendy enough and want to shown their unique taste.

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** Original novelty resource: I-MU Audio Device

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