Sunday, September 29, 2013

Novelty Keyboard Can be Combined Freely

Why does the keyboard must be the arrangement of QWER always? Why do I have to keep so many key-presses? Can I desigh the key arrangement of my keyboard myself?

The answer is yes.

This is a piece of cool keyboard similiar to a jigsaw puzzle we played usually in our childhoods, you can combine the locations of each keys at random, for example, you often use the 'Ctrl' key, so you can place it at the position that you feel most comfortable.

                Or "delete" the key you don't need or rarely use.

    What if you get your index finger hurt and it is hard to reach the F key?

                     Make it more comfortable for your wrist.

          What if you bothe have iPad and other tablet personal computer.

                         It can a simple remote control.

All the keys you do not need can be removed, leaving those we use frequently only. and you can also re-layout all keys according to the using habit of your hand.

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