Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Conceptual Design - Gravity Sensitive Watch

No Touch, No Time

The digital time and dates inside the waych box are very mesy and inorder, when you wearing such a watch, with movements of the wrist, the digits will scattered on the edges and corners of the dial, as well as anywhere on the screen, there is completely no rule. 

Small Touch Adea for Time and Date

In such way, of couse, you can not get the correct time and date, however, if you want to get a look, very simple, as long as touch the screen slightly, and the time and date will be back to their correct situations, and the watch also inset with  a backlight for easy use at night.

Not Available Now

Although this novelty watch is a wonderful conceptual design, but whether to put it into production will depends on the designers' votes.