Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cookease - A Intelligent Design Portable Kitchen

The Novelty Gift Star this month: Cookease - A Intelligent Design Portable Kitchen

Designer: Liew Ann Lee

Sometimes, your living space is less than ideal and leaves little room for necessities like cooking, but Liew Ann Lee’s Cookease solves this problem with ease. A compact cooking device and server in one, the Cookease is like having a portable kitchen.

Woolgathering of the quality kitchen with pupil sectors is similar to a strong irrational pipe dream! Handling this particular have every single child mix in place a considerable food, while you absence space, is niagra Cookease.

Containing a heater and two bowls, Liew Ann Lee’s Cookease has everything you need to make a meal and enjoy it with someone else at the same time. The way the heater works is with a “magnetic induction” which “is made from silicone,” according to Yanko Design.

People may assume this handy little box that resembles a McDonalds Happy Meal is just your lunch for the day, but they will be extremely impressed that it has the ability to cook and serve an entire meal.

Much like a compact lunchbox, I’d much rather have a small setup than none.

Now let's dreaming of a decent kitchen in student quarters is like an irrational fantasy!

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