Monday, June 20, 2011

Four Novelty Toys for Your Puppies and Kitties

1. Squeeze Bones

Squeeze Bones is a delicate design and durable dog food feeder, which can promote dogs to use mouth and brain the same time. When the dog bite the transparent hose part, dog meals will be squeezed into the two PVC made rubber balls on the two sides, and when dogs play with it dog meals will fall out from the feeder time to time, so that dogs can eat them.

Other features of this novelty dog toy include that it has tooth grooves to help dogs to maintain oral health, as well as hollow space which can embed dog meals.

2. Roll Play™

Roll Play™ is a multifunction cat feeder, its features include linen surface cats will enjoyed, a fistful plume, a space that can contains dry cat mint and cat meals, as well as a placket that will drop out cat meals time to time when cats playing.

This novelty design pet toy include two patterns(ball and cone) and three colors(red, blue and green).

3. Treat Launcher

The Treat Launcher r is a novelty pet toy full of fun as well as very trendy, which can launch pieces of large or small size dog biscuits into the air, then let your dogs to chase.

Its features include a comfortable, ergonomic grip, and a clasp ring that can be linked to a wrist strap or lock set. In addition, the transparent cover also can make the owner get how many biscuits remained in the launcher toy at a glance, it does not need batteries to operate, and can be cleaned with a dishwasher.

4. Catnip Tip 'n Twirl ™

Catnip Tip 'n Twirl is a staggery pet toy, it can used to grow fresh or dried catnip.

Other features of this novelty pet toy include the elastic rope hanging with feathers, which used to teasing with cats, a base which can keep upright when cat playing, a ventilation propeller to make plants in the toy can breathe nutrients in the air, as well as a isolation ring that can prevent the soil in the container from leaking out even when the toy tilted.

(Designer: AbsolutelyNew)

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS