Monday, September 6, 2010

Enjoy a Tasteful Life - Lucky Bird in Woods Silent Clock

Lucky Bird in Woods Silent Clock

Sound of spring just like hurried time, and fresh life; Sound of spring is singing of birds, pulse of leaves; Accompanied with the sound of spring, the scene outside window changes everyday. When time past the joy of spring played out.


Brand: HORA

Weight: 945g

Gift Size: 30cm*30cm

Packing Measurement: 36cm*35cm*8.5cm

Material: Quality acrylic

Thickness of Acrylic board: 5mm

Craftwork Features:

- Plastic casting process, molding in one time, which is uncomparable with clocks made of iron and wood.

- Taiwan original clock movement, time goes on accurate.

- There is a hook attached to the back of clock, with a concrete nail you can hang the clock on the wall firmly.

Design Highlights:

With simple design, showing strong style

Use simple lines and simple elements, plus with some reset and rearrangement, HORA created a new gift product with strong design style. Although this design work seemed simple, but it is a final design show of the designer accumulated for over years, and therefore it is also a representative work of HORA design.

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS