Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walking Seasoning Bottles - SUCK UK Robot Cruets

Walking Seasoning Bottles - SUCK UK Robot Cruets

Gift Name: Robot Salt Bottle & Robot Pepper Bottle

Brand: SUCK UK


Material: Food grade plastic

Size: 65*95*35mm

Packing Measurement: 192*162*40mm

Weight: 152g


You know, in the world of salt and pepper, the robot will not always be divided into the Botswana and the Decepticons groups, they may be split into S group and P group. The novelty gadget is comes from Suck UK who always be funny, who would have thought that such a classic "black and white double" robot could be castors?

Unscrew the cap shaped as a teapot, the thing poured out will never be engine oil but snow-white salt and brown colored and fragrant peppers. Furthermore, the figure of the cruet robot is more than a robot to exist in name only, they are movable! It can be drived with a spring, when required, spin the spring for several times and untie it, they will move forward to the goal swayingly with scattered steps – What? Please pass the salt-pepper jar to me! Come on, our cruet is able to walk itself!

During the meal time it is inevitable that need someone to pass on you the cruet. Now this action may be unnecessary anymore, you only to tighten the spring, make the robot faced to your mother, father or your sister and brother, the two small robots will walk forward towards them wobblingly. It is a gadget so interesting and so funny, and the next time you will get a wonderful idea on presenting what to your mother, isn’t it?

Brand Brief:

SUCK UK, created by designer Jude Biddulph and Sarm Hurt together, which was mainly involved in the design of lighting and home furnishings and living goods, this is a young design power can not be neglected comes from London, who had won the Best Gift Award in UK for more than two consecutive years.

Their works are good at breaking through general using of conventional materials, and endowing with brand new design concepts and practical value, have strong post-industrial aesthetic characters. They work and style just like the ironic brand name "SUCK UK", full of creativeness and interesting.

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS