Thursday, July 8, 2010

PHILIPPI Distinguished Magnetic Black Leather Cigarette Case

PHILIPPI Distinguished Magnetic Black Leather Cigarette Case


Origin: German

Material: Black leather, top grade stainless steel plated with nickel

Gift size: 8.99cm long * 6.50cm wide * 2.49cm high

Black leather case, inlaid with German high-grade steel, touch design, magnetic close and open, can storing 14 cigarettes, compact and easy to carry, highlighted your unique status.

Brand Brief:

Philippi (Germany): Founded in 1992 in Hamburg, Germany, for its pure original German quality, cohered creative minds and unique thoughts of 6 top European designers, combined with the meticulous precise style of German treat quality, product combined art and practical, simple, delicate, beautiful and practical style of modern patterns, thus endowed its products with highly personalized vitality.

Metal, glass is major creative elements of Philippi, it applied with cool materials, injected into power and beauty, and the same time blended with the meticulous insistence of German treat quality, therefore PHILIPP always lead the global high quality fashion and life trend.

As a decoration brand, PHILLIPPI was born for the unique. More than this, it is also perfect for gift presenting, when you choose PHILLIPI, itself has explained the taste level of you and your friends

The creative language of PHILIPPI: Simple, infinite and the essential. No matter for household furnishings or personal hobbies, it is so distinguished and unique.

Philippi is not only a manifestation of personal taste, but also the pride of your private collection!

* Original address of this novelty gift address: Kick & Click --- NOVELTY GIFTS EXPRESS