Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Cuttest Mobile Phone Chain Set - Super-Cute Chi's Sweet Home Cat Chains (9 cats per set)

Super-Cute Chi's Sweet Home Cat Cellphone Chain Set

Super-cute chi's sweet home cat (prototype in "chi's sweet home"), which is so hot and popular in Korean and Japan, with so many expressions. Proud, angry, and fanciful, happy, depressed, and lost, pride, and sad ... ... whether there is a cat in your home is so cute and let you do such a pain in the hearts?

Watched them you will could not help but to torn about them, you want to tease them and watch them looke at you innocently and giggly. This is the sweet cat chi, who will never betray you, love you unconditional forever, looking at you with great hope, the only thing he want is is a hug of you.

Special Gift Specifications:

Size: 2.5-3.8cm high

Material: Polyresin

Accessories: Color lanyand, color rubber tape

Total length: about 7cm

Fine quality with exquisite workmanship, those small foot pads of cats are protuberant...

A set of mobile phone chain gift includes 9 different cats

Price for sale online: RMB 58.00/set for 9 cellphone chains

* Attention:

The gift item is small, so keep them far away from children, thus to prevent been eaten by mistake.

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** Original novelty gifts : Super-Cute Chi's Sweet Home Cat Chains

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Italy ALESSI Mary Big Size Cookie Boxes (with Vanilla Flavor)

Italy ALESSI Mary Big Size Cookie Boxes

Had you ever seen such colorful cookie boxes? It was made of crystal clear material, with beautiful fresh colors, which can help you to store a variety of snacks and dim sums you loved, clasp the cover, it turn into a piece of big size biscuit, and this fashionable “snack base camp” itself is a beautiful decoration, and can be placed anywhere to adorn your nice home and garden more…

This ALESSI cookie box is made of PMMA plastic, and there are 5 colors for you to choose, which are so fresh as that of fruits, when seen it, you will have a good appetite, and more special, if you smell the box cover, you will find it is smell of a little vanilla biscuits…

* Description: 

Material: Quality PMMA

Measurement: 28cm long * 22.5cm wide * 11.5cm high

Volume: 350ml

Packing: Gift Package

Colors: Green, orange, white, blue and red

Original Designer: Stefano Giovannoni (Italy)

Price for Reference: $28.00

** Original novelty gift: Italy ALESSI Mary Big Size Cookie Boxes